2006 Catalog


Eagle/Taptek Cutting Tools

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Eagle/Taptek Cutting Tools offers a full line of cutting tools with an extensive inventory, ready to ship same day to your facility. We also offer cutting tool alteration services to provide your specials.

This catalog includes our Eagle brand of highest quality American made cutting tools along with our CutTek, PowerTek, and Taptek brands of quality import cutting tools.

We designed this catalog to be functional and easy to use. Colored tabs identify each section of the catalog and each section has its own table of contents. A complete alphabetical index and series number index are located in the back.

All Eagle brand, made in USA items are identified with a red price box, and all import brand items are identified by a green price box:

The Eagle/Taptek team of experienced, well-trained and knowledgeable people is ready to serve you. Call us today for all of your cutting tool needs.

Eagle brand items manufactured in the USA.

CutTek brand of quality imported drills, reamers, burrs, files, holesaws, dies and more.

Taptek brand of quality imported taps and tap wrenches.

PowerTek brand of quality imported masonry Drill bits.